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Tiffin_SignI would like to personally welcome you to the City of Tiffin. We are a small city with big opportunities. Whether it is enjoying the quiet life without the hustle and bustle, or the great working and shopping prospects that are minutes away we have what you are looking for. Tiffin prides itself with a long history and strength of a growing community. I have been Mayor since January 2012 and look forward to serving you in a positive and professional capacity.

Our website offers plenty of information and resources for your review. If you still need assistance, our City Hall staff can assist you further. We will always welcome your comments and ideas on how to make our fine city better in the future. If you are interested, there are usually committees or projects that we can use volunteers for, please give us a call. Tiffin is an amazing place to raise children and have strong family roots in place. Calling Tiffin home is definitely where my heart is. Thank you for your continued support.
Steve Berner,
Mayor of Tiffin, Iowa

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Tiffin News & Events

  • Tiffin’s Fireworks Ordinance

    The Tiffin City Council chose to not change the current Ordinance that regulates the use of fireworks. The current Ordinance prohibits the use of fireworks withing the Tiffin’s city limits.  The recent ordinance changes were on the Sale of Fireworks.  The City Council chose to allow the Sale of Fireworks in Industrial Zoned areas in town.

    Amending the Sale of Fireworks – Ord 2017-420

  • PRESS RELEASE – 7/3/18

    PRESS RELEASE – July 3, 2018

    To:         Tiffin Residents

    From:    City Hall

    RE:        Razor Blades in Park Equipment


    The City of Tiffin has been informed that Razor Blades have been found in some park equipment at a Park in the Tiffin City Limits.  All parks in Tiffin have been checked with metal detectors and appear to be clear.  The City has opened a case with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department.  If anyone has any information on this or if you see anything suspicious please contact the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department. 

     Please Call:  9-1-1


    Johnson County Non-Emergency: (319)356-6800



  • Garbage & Recycling – NEW BINS

    As you have noticed Johnson County Refuse has been delivering new Bins to everyone.  Recycling Bins were delivered last Friday & Saturday.  This week they will be delivering the garbage bins.  Inside your bins you will receive a letter regarding specific information for each cart.  Please review this letter for important information.

    For your convenience we have included these letters below.

    Recycling Bin Information (Use Immediately):

    Tiffin Recycle Cart Info

    Cart placement rules

    Recycle Cart Top

    Garbage Bin Information (Use after July 1):

    Tiffin Garbage Cart Info

    Cart placement rules

    Recycle Cart Top

    If you have any issues, you can call Johnson County Refuse, Inc at 319.665.4498

    On July 17th, residents can pub out old Trash Cans, Old Recycling Bins, and accompanying Lids to be recycled at no charge.  All containers need to be empty and placed at curb by 6:00 am 

  • Roberts Ferry Road Widening Project – Beginning Monday, June 11th

    The Summer has arrived and with it brings warm weather, sunshine and construction!  The crews will begin work Monday, June 11th and Roberts Ferry Road will be closed to thru traffic between Highway 6 and Goldfinch Drive in Tiffin.  The project road can be closed up to 8 weeks.  Please take an alternate route.

  • City of Tiffin Garbage & Recycling Sign-Up

    Tiffin is Going Automated!

    This summer we are updating our garbage & recycling system, with heavy-duty wheeled carts and new options for our residential customers, all rolled in with your current city utility bill and from Johnson County Refuse, our local service provider.


    Meet the bins and make your choice by June 15th, 2018. The new service starts July 5th, 2018.




    Garbage Option A 
    Size – 65 Gallons
    Frequency – Weekly
    Cost – $13.50 monthly

    Garbage Option B 
    Size – 35 Gallons
    Frequency – Weekly
    CoSt – $11.50 monthy

    Recycling Option A
    Size – 95 Gallons
    Frequency – Weekly
    Cost – $5.50 monthy

    Recycling Option B
    Size – 65 Gallons
    Frequency – Weekly
    Cost – $5.50 monthly

    Make your selection HERE!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Have a question not answered here? Get in touch with Johnson County Refuse at (319) 665-4498

    What’s changing?

    Tiffin households will select from two collection options to best suit their needs and budget, and will receive free heavy-duty rolling containers allowing for automated collection. Instead of purchasing garbage stickers for annual or weekly use, fees will be included on the monthly city utility bill. No more last-minute garbage-sticker runs!

    Why can’t we keep the current system?

    In addition to providing convenience and additional recycling capacity to our residents, modernizing the system helps address challenges the service provider, Johnson County Refuse, faces meeting its workforce needs (a sanitation worker in Tiffin lifts, on average, nearly one ton of garbage into a truck over a regular route!).

    Is the City profiting on this?

    The City does up-charge the recycling fee by $.50 to cover the cost of the annual City Clean-up Day.

    Who will run this new program?

    Our current provider, Johnson County Refuse, will continue to provide curbside garbage and recycling to single-family residential households, including duplexes, and some multi-family buildings.

    When will the new system be implemented?

    Johnson County Refuse expects to have the program in place on July 1, 2018, with new containers delivered to homes in late June.

    What are the options?

    There are two options for garbage collection:

    • 65-gallon garbage container collected weekly for $13.50 per month (this will be the default)
    • 35-gallon garbage container collected weekly for $11.50 per month


    There are two options for recycling collection:

    • 95-gallon recycling container collected weekly for $5.50 per month (this will be the default)
    • 65-gallon recycling container collected weekly for $5.50 per month

    Residents of multi-family buildings will have different options, depending on their current arrangements, and should contact Johnson County Refuse at (319) 665-4498.

    How and when will I make my selection?

    Information outlining these options and a selection form will be mailed to each household in June as part of the city utility bill. Households who don’t select by June 15, 2018, will receive the default option: a 65-gallon garbage container and a 95-gallon recycling container.

    Can I see these containers in person before making my selection?

    Absolutely! Displays are at City Hall (300 Railroad St) are available for viewing also on the City’s Website.

    What if I change my mind on the garbage container size?

    Any single-family or duplex household not submitting a choice will receive a 95-gallon recycling container and a 65-gallon garbage container. Before Oct. 1, 2018, households can change the size of the garbage container once at no charge.  After Oct. 1, 2018, switching to a larger garbage container will cost $30; switching to a smaller container will cost $25. Contact City Hall, at (319) 545-2572 to make a change.

    How will I receive my new container?

    Johnson County Refuse will deliver containers to your home in late June.

    What happens to my old garbage and recycling container?

    After about a month of the program operating, Johnson County Refuse will publicize a date for collecting old garbage cans and recycling containers at the curb. Containers that can be recycled, will. If the household wants to keep their container for reuse, they are welcome to do so. This will be free of charge to our residents.

    What can I do with my unused stickers?

    Unused stickers will be void on July 1, 2018, after July 1, 2018 they can be taken to Johnson County Refuse or the Tiffin Depot for an exchange or refund.

    What if I have more garbage than fits in the container?

    If your household has an event, like a party, graduation or holiday get-together and needs to get rid of extra garbage, stickers will be available for the bags that don’t fit in your rolling container. These stickers will be $3 each and can be purchased at the normal sticker outlets (The Depot, Casey’s General Store, Johnson County Refuse, and the Kum & Go).

    Tag your extra bag, which is limited to 35 gallons and 40 pounds, with a sticker and place the bag on top of your garbage container so when the container is dumped, the extra bag will go with it. Extra bags not on top of the container will not be collected.

    With recycling, all items need to be placed inside the container, including cardboard boxes, which should be cut down to fit inside the container. Boxes outside of the container will not be collected.

    What if my container breaks and I need a replacement?

    Contact Johnson County Refuse at (319) 665-4498. The containers have a 10-year warranty for damage. Damaged containers will be replaced at no cost.

    Can I store the container outside or do they need to be in the garage?

    The City does not have an ordinance requiring indoor storage of container. Container can be stored in the garage or outside. Extra garbage should be maintained to not create a nuisance.

    How will I be billed?

    The cost of garbage will be billed monthly on the City utility bill with recycling, storm sewer fee, water and sewer.

    What day of the week will my garbage be picked up?

    With the new program, Tiffin will continue to have Thursday pickup, with exception of holiday schedules.

    Can I write my address on the container?


    Who can I talk to if I have more questions?

    Contact Johnson County Refuse at (319) 665-4498.


  • NOTICE TO BIDDERS – Original Town Urbanization – Phase One


    Pleases find the below link to the Notice to Bidders for the upcoming Original Town Urbanization Project – Phase One

    Original Town Urbanization – PH 1 – NOTICE TO BIDDERS

  • Seasonal Part Time Concession Stand Openings

    The Tiffin Parks & Rec Department is seeking individuals to work the Concessions Stand at the Baseball and New Soccer Fields this summer.  Most hours will be during the weekends but may have some week night hours also. Pay $9/hr.   Applications can be obtained HERE or at City Hall, 300 Railroad Street, Tiffin, IA 52340.  Positions open until filled.   For more information call 319-545-2572.  EOE

  • NOTICE TO BIDDERS – Ireland Avenue Traffic Signals
  • 2016 Tiffin Water Quality Report

    Below is the link to view the 2016 Water Quality Report for Tiffin’s Water Supply.  If you have any question regarding this report you may contact our Public Works Director Brett Mehmen 319-631-1698.

    2016 Water Quality Report – Tiffin







Johnson County Non-Emergency – 319-356-6800

Water Department Emergency  – 319-631-1698
Note: this number is only used for water emergencies.  Do not call this number if your services has been disconnected for nonpayment.  Contact City Hall during normal business hours M-F 8:00am-4:30pm – 

Water Billing Department – After Hours – 319-430-3983

NOTE: If no answer, leave a voicemail with your Name, Address and Account Number.  We will return your call ASAP