Trash pick-up and recycling is provided by:
Johnson County Refuse (private company)
Phone: 319.665.4498
Curbside by 7 am Thursday mornings. Holiday changes will be announced.  For in depth information regarding Johnson County Refuse’s Trash & Recycling Services please visit their website above.

Trash Services

Tiffin has gone automated with garbage and recycling! We have two sizes for residents to choose from: 65 gallon container is $13.50/month and a 35 gallon container is $11.50/month.

Commercial Entities and Residential Buildings of greater than 6 units must contract for service.

Any garbage that does not fit into the cart needs to be in a bag no larger than 35-gallon with a 40-pound weight limit, placed on top of can with lid closed and with 1 sticker on bag. One sticker is sold for $3.00 The Depot Convenience Store or Johnson County Refuse.

Recycling Services

Recycling containers of 65 gallon and 95 gallon are available both of which are $5.50/month.

Commercial Entities and Residential Buildings of greater than 6 units must contract for service.

One container for all recycling materials, no separation is required.  All recycling must be clean!!!  NO PLASTIC BAGS!!

And a friendly reminder:  WE DO NOT RECYCLE styrofoam, window glass, mirrors, electronic waste, motor oil containers, yard waste, chemical containers, plastic bags, ceramics or dishes, food waste, scrap metal, monitors, medical needles or waste, animal food bags, kitty litter bags.

Contact City Hall to obtain new or report stolen container.

Yard Waste:
Yard waste is not allowed in garbage pickup. The City provides a yard waste collection site for residents for yard waste, limbs and branches.

This yard waste collection site is open to Tiffin residents only.  This site is only for yard waste materials.  All branches should be less than 2 inches in diameter.   Please do not dispose of garbage.  This yard waste collection site is under video surveillance and will be monitored regularly.

Take our new road Mehmen Ave to get to the yard waste collection site.  Brown Street it no longer open.

Large Items + Prohibited Items:
Large items and Prohibited items need to be taken to Iowa City Landfill Phone: 319.356.5185.