City Ordinance:
All animals in the City of Tiffin to be licensed effective July 1st of each year and renewed each year. Annual cost is $10.00 per year. Reduced cost of $4.00 during December of each year. When applying for annual tag you must furnish current vaccination record from licensed Veterinarian for each animal. Animals under seven months will need to be licensed as soon as they reach seven months.

City ordinance allows three dogs and three cats in residential zones. Pups will be considered dogs at eight weeks and at that time they will fall under the three dog and three cat limitation.

Pets must be under control and restrained by competent person. Pets must be on leash at all times when off owner’s premises. Any animal found off premises of its owner at large will be collected for impoundment. Impounding fees and boarding costs will be charged for any animal picked up for at-large & released to an owner.

Disturbances caused by a pet such as howling, yelping, and barking, are all prohibited and may bring cause for summons if these types of problems are brought to the attention of officials. It is unlawful to keep a vicious animal. It is unlawful for the owner of an animal to allow or let such animal to pass onto the premises of another thereby causing damage or interference. Livestock is not allowed in non-agricultural residential areas. Violators may be assessed City infractions by Ordinance.

Tiffin has a new Dog Park located off Kimberlite St in City Park.  In order for your dog to use the dog park, you will have to purchase a Yearly Dog Park Pass for $5.00.  You will receive a dog park tag to attached to your dog’s collar.  This will help us maintain the dog park and also help us ensure that all dogs have current vaccinations.

Below you will find the Pet Registrations Application, where you can sign up for both the pet registration and dog park fees.

City Tag & Dog Park Application