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Permits Application Documents


Generally, each submittal shall comply with the following requirements, at a minimum:

          1. Each submittal shall contain enough information for the Fire Marshal to evaluate the project for compliance with all applicable provisions of the standards and/or code(s).
                 a. Poorly detailed and assembled submittals are unlikely to be approved by the jurisdiction and may lead to plan review delays.
           2. Each submittal shall consist of:         
                 a. Submittal Review Application legibly completed.
                 b. Submittal review payment
                 c. Plans and product detail –submitted digitally. Email to
                 d. Calculations –digitally
            3. Digital drawn on sheets of uniform size
            4. Prefer, drawn to a specified scale (drawn to 1/8” = 1’; details to 1/4” = 1’ or large enough to be legible
            5. Include plans of each floor
            6. Include symbolic legend.
            7. Include reference IFC/NFPA.
            8. Capable of being easily duplicated and noted.
            9. Contain all information required by the “Shop Drawings.”
           10. Notes included in the plans shall be applicable to the project being submitted including product data.

NFPA 72 (Section 7.2)

Where documentation is required by the authority having jurisdiction, the following list shall represent the minimum documentation required for new systems and additions or alterations to existing systems:
(1) Written narrative providing intent and system description
(2) Riser diagram
(3) Floor plan layout showing locations of all devices, control equipment, and supervising station and shared communications equipment with each sheet showing the following:
    (a) Point of compass (north arrow)
    (b) A graphic representation of the scale used
    (c) Room use identification
    (d)Building features that will affect the placement of initiating devices and notification appliances
(4) Sequence of operation in either an input/output matrix or narrative form
(5) Equipment technical data sheets
(6) Manufacturers’ published instructions, including operation and maintenance instructions
(7) Battery capacity and safety margin calculations (where batteries are provided)
(8) Voltage drop calculations for notification appliance circuits
(9) Mounting height elevation for wall-mounted devices and appliances
(10) Where occupant notification is required, minimum sound pressure levels that must be produced by the audible notification appliances in applicable covered areas
(11) Locations of alarm notification appliances, including candela ratings for visual alarm notification appliances
(12) Pathway diagrams between the control unit and shared communications equipment within the protected premises
(13) Completed record of completion in accordance with 7.5.6
(14) For software-based systems, a copy of site-specific software, including specific instructions on how to obtain the means of system and software access (password)
(15) Record (as-built) drawings
(16) Records, record retention, and record maintenance in accordance with Section 7.7
(17) Completed record of inspection and testing in accordance with 7.6.6

Operational / Construction Permit Application Forms

Third Party Review (Revised 07/18/2023)
Third Party Review may be required for following:  (Contact Tiffin Fire Marshal's Office)

• Fire alarm system with intelligible voice communications.
• Fire alarm system with 200 or more initiating devices.
• Fire alarm system for buildings 10,001 square feet or larger.
• Fire alarm system for deluge and preaction sprinkler systems.
• NFPA 13/13R Fire sprinkler system with a fire pump.
• NFPA 13/13R Fire sprinkler system with a standpipe system.
• NFPA 13/13R Fire sprinkler system with 250 or more sprinkler heads.
• NFPA 13/13R Fire sprinkler system for buildings 10,001 square feet or larger.
• NFPA 13 Fire sprinkler system with single and dual hazard deluge and preaction design.
• NFPA 13 Fire sprinkler system with early suppression fast response (ESFR) design.
• NFPA 13 Fire sprinkler system designed for storages applications (NFPA Chapters 12-20).

• NFPA 13 Fire sprinkler system requiring seismic protection.
• Manual Standpipe system.
• Kitchen hood Suppression system.
• Special hazard suppression systems (Clean Agent, CO2, DryChem, Etc.).
• Explosion Prevention Systems.

All fees associated with Third Party review are in addition to City of Tiffin Fire Department permit fees.

3rd Party Review Forms