Trash pick-up and Recycling is provided by:
Johnson County Refuse (private company)
Phone: 319.665.4498
Curbside by 7 am Thursday mornings. Holiday changes will be announced.  For in depth information regarding Johnson County Refuse’s Trash & Recycling Services please visit their website above.

Trash Services

Garbage Bag Stickers:
$1.25 each for 20 Gallon Bag or two stickers at $1.25 each for 20-33 Gallon Bags.
Sold at Casey’s General Store or The Depot Convenience Store.

Garbage Can:
Call Johnson County Refuse to set up annual account: 319.665.4498.
$65.00 Annual Cost Per One Garbage Can Sticker (not the garbage can); Up to 20 Gallon can size.
Commercial Entities and Residential Buildings of greater than 4 units must contract for service.

Yard Waste:
Yard waste is not allowed in garbage pickup. City provides a disposal site for residents for yard waste, limbs and branches. Call City Hall for directions (south of railroad tracks).

Large Items + Prohibited Items:
Large items and Prohibited items need to be taken to Iowa City Landfill Phone: 319.356.5185.

Recycling Services

City Ordinance requires the fee of $5.00 per month be billed monthly on the Utility billing per household. Seniors 62 or over are assessed at $2.50 per month.
Commercial accounts are not assessed the fee. These accounts must provide their own service.
If bins are lost or not available upon move in, call Johnson County Refuse for replacement of bins (free): 319.665.4498.

Stack loose in the bottom of the bin or place in a sack
Newspapers, including all supplements.
Flattened cardboard and chipboard.
Magazines and telephone books.
Mixed paper, preferably placed in bags: Junk mail, office paper, computer paper, egg cartons, file folders, paper bags, paper cores, paper cards, etc.
DO NOT Recycle—  Styrofoam products, plastic bags – toys, broken glass, window or mirror glass, tissue paper, wax paper, wrapping paper, cardboard not broken down, paper plates, waxed papers or wax coated cardboard, disposable diapers, tissues, paper towels, hard cover books, paperback books, or catalogs, any paper with food on it.

Plastic Containers- labeled #1 – 7.
DO NOT recycle plastic bags or Styrofoam.
Glass food and beverage containers, including brown, green, and clear glass. Rinse and remove lids, caps, or rings.
DO NOT recycle Pyrex, window glass, mirrors, light bulbs, dishes, glasses, or flower pots.
Tin & Aluminium Cans-rinse out cans.
DO NOT recycle cans from automotive products, pesticides, or insecticides.
DO NOT recycle aluminum foil, trays, or pie plates.