Tiffin’s Fireworks Ordinance

The Tiffin City Council chose to not change the current Ordinance that regulates the use of fireworks. The current Ordinance prohibits the use of fireworks withing the Tiffin’s city limits.  The recent ordinance changes were on the Sale of Fireworks.  The City Council chose to allow the Sale of Fireworks in Industrial Zoned areas in


PRESS RELEASE – July 3, 2018 To:         Tiffin Residents From:    City Hall RE:        Razor Blades in Park Equipment   The City of Tiffin has been informed that Razor Blades have been found in some park equipment at a Park in the Tiffin City Limits.  All parks in Tiffin

2016 Tiffin Water Quality Report

Below is the link to view the 2016 Water Quality Report for Tiffin’s Water Supply.  If you have any question regarding this report you may contact our Public Works Director Brett Mehmen 319-631-1698. 2016 Water Quality Report – Tiffin